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BreatheStrong Exercise Grants

Available for people with CF living in the United States.

BreatheStrong grants are focused on helping individuals living with cystic fibrosis commit to a lifetime of regular physical activity. The program provides grants for exercise equipment, organized fitness activities, and facility memberships for people with CF.

​Grants may include gym memberships, yoga, swim lessons, sports team registration fees or gear, running or hiking, exercise equipment, horseback riding, dance, or other activities that promote physical fitness.

Important Grant Requirements

First time applicants:

  • BreatheStrong Exercise Grant Application
  • Medical Provider Form (included as part of the grant application)

Returning applicants:

  • BreatheStrong Exercise Grant Application
  • Thank-you letter/email
  • Photo/video of applicant engaged in previous grant activity
  • Participation in BreatheStrong+ virtual wellness program (required for ages 10+).

First Time Applicants

First, review the eligibility criteria and qualifying activities information.

Complete the Application
The online application can be translated into any language. At any time in the application process, you may save, exit the application and return at another time by logging in.

1. Your information

Complete the online application and complete the household, personal, emergency and consent information portion of the application. Applicants under the age of 18 will also need a parent or guardian’s permission for HIPPA consent to communicate with CF care providers if needed.

2. Your activity request

Commit to an activity.

  • Take a trial class or session if available.
  • Make sure it fits your schedule.
  • Understand all the costs including equipment, uniforms, etc.
  • If home equipment, do you have the space, electric supply, etc?

Have all activity information ready. Provide the information of what activity you are requesting support for, and the details of where payment will be made.

  • Facility name and web link (if applicable)
  • Contact name, phone, email
  • Activity description, cost and duration
  • Invoice, if applicable

3. Your story

Answer questions regarding your current health, your goals related to your activity of choice, why you chose this activity, and more.

4. Your CF Team

New applicants are required to upload a completed Medical Provider Verification form prior to submitting their application for review. Download the form HERE , have your CF provider complete the form, return it to you, and then upload it in the application. Returning applicants will be asked to provide this information if any CF clinic details have changed since the previous application.

5. Your agreement

Read through and initial each section of this agreement to use this grant to the best of your ability and share updates with the us about your personal progress in using this grant.

6. You’re Done!

Click SUBMIT to send your application online. Online applications can also be saved and returned to for completion at a later date. We review and process applications once a month.

For a paper application, please email

Returning Applicants

If you have previously received a BreatheStrong or Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation grant and wish to continue your activity or change to a new one, you may complete a BreatheStrong Exercise Grant Application.

Note: Individuals are eligible to apply for one BreatheStrong grant per calendar year.

Step 1: Be sure you’ve met the terms of your initial BreatheStrong grant. These help Miles for CF communicate with those who donate to support our grant program and help us reach others with CF to make them aware of the program.

  • You submitted a note of appreciation to Miles for CF/CFLF
  • You provided a photo or video of the recipient engaged in the activity funded by the grant. You are welcome to upload the photo during the renewal application process.
  • You’re participating as part of BreatheStrong+, our virtual wellness program (required for ages 10+).

Step 2: Prepare all the required information

  • Activity description, associated costs and duration
  • Provider name, email, phone and web link (if applicable)

Step 3: Complete and submit the BreatheStrong Exercise Grant Application.

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