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Canadian Recreation Grant

In exploring the new possibilities of providing Recreation Grant support to Canadians living with cystic fibrosis (CF), it is clear that the needs and desires of living stronger and longer lives through unrestricted access to exercise activities are universal.


Applying for this Grant Step by Step

The online application can be translated into any language.

1. Your information

Complete the online application and complete the household, personal, emergency and consent information portion of the application. Applicants under the age of 18 will also need a parent or guardian’s permission for HIPPA consent to communicate with CF care providers if needed.

2. Your activity request

Commit to an activity.

  • Take a trial class or session if available.
  • Make sure it fits your schedule.
  • Understand all the costs including equipment, uniforms, etc.
  • If home equipment, do you have the space, electric supply, etc?

Have all activity information ready. Provide the information of what activity you are requesting support for, and the details of where payment will be made.

  • Facility name and web link (if applicable)
  • Contact name, phone, email
  • Activity description, cost and duration
  • Invoice, if applicable

3. Your letter of support (optional)

If you would like, provide a letter of reference from a health care provider, teacher, friend or whomever can speak to why you are most deserving of this grant. This is optional, and will count as extra-credit on the evaluation of your application.

4. Your story

Answer questions regarding your current health, your goals related to your activity of choice, why you chose this activity, and more.

5. Your CF Team

For first time applicants, provide your CF center and doctor’s name and the best contact person’s information for confirmation of your diagnosis. Returning applicants will be asked to provide this information if any CF clinic details have changed since the previous application.

6. Your agreement

Read through and initial each section of this agreement to use this grant to the best of your ability and share updates with the us about your personal progress in using this grant.

7. You’re Done!

Click SUBMIT to send your application online. Online applications can also be saved and returned to for completion at a later date.

For a paper application, please email


Things you need to know

Exercise/recreation grant requests may be submitted at any time. The online application can be translated into any language.

Canadian Grant requests are ongoing and do not have a set deadline.

The intention of this program is to support CF patients with direct financial assistance in affording recreational activities that have respiratory and psychosocial benefit. Whether it is a new activity being tried for the first time, or continuing to pursue an established passion, the costs of living with CF and impact on earning ability can often make exercise-related costs a barrier.

Clearly articulating your activity interest or existing passion for the activity you are requesting financial support with – The effort put into applications is a major factor in the decision making process. You may supplement your application with letters of recommendation, video testimonials or other creative ways of expressing your desire to be supported.

Applications must be completed by the person with CF asking for the assistance (unless special circumstances exist)

Direct payments with credit card – If a grant is awarded, our program makes payment directly to the activity provider. Due to ever-changing exchange rates between the US and Canada, it is required that any activity provider that support is being requested for MUST ACCEPT VISA PAYMENT. No cash or check payments will be provided in Canada. Personal reimbursements are not provided for activities.

Applications may be submitted at any time, but must allow up to four-weeks for processing. Please plan in advanced and if an activity has a specific start date, submit your request at least one month prior to that date.

Important Grant Deadlines
  • On a rolling basis

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, as long as the total of ALL activities is $750 or less you may apply for multiple activities. Requests made that are over $750 will only be funded up to the $750 maximum.

Applicants will be emailed with either an approval or denial approximately one month after the deadline. If you have not heard a decision about your grant within six weeks of applying you may email Program Coordinator Tiffany at

We prefer the photo to be of the activity the person is applying for. However, if one is unavailable you may submit a photo of yourself doing a different activity.  Please do not send photos of just head shots, or non-active poses.  All photos must be of ONLY the individual, due to privacy issues.

No, unfortunately requests made for reimbursement will not be considered.

Yes, if your child is unable or too young and does not understand the questions, their parent or guardian may help in filling out the applications on their behalf, from the parent/guardians perspective.  It is preferred that as much of their own words are used in the application, so using the questions to ‘interview’ them is often a great option.

The only fundraising or participation events that are eligible are those that support M4CF/CFLF.

Typically grants are only for activity costs (i.e., gym memberships, summer or sports camps, exercise classes, swim lessons, martial arts, etc.), but we also consider purchases of in-home exercise equipment.

After six weeks, you may e-mail Program Coordinator, Tiffany, at and inquire about the applicants status.  Make sure to include the applicant’s name and date of birth.

Grant recipients may re-apply every year for the same or a different activity.  Individuals are eligible to be awarded one grant per calendar year.

First time applications will not be considered until we’ve received the CF clinic’s medical information. Returning applicants are not required to request new medical form unless their clinic information has changed since the previous application.

Our grant programs only serve people in the US or Canada. Our understanding for patients in the UK is that the Cystic Fibrosis Trust also offers a similar program of supporting recreational activity expenses. We are not aware of any others internationally, but would love to know if you happen to find any.

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