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Join us for important discussions around sexual and reproductive health for males with CF.

Male CF-sexual and reproductive health (SRH) discussions generally focus on infertility, ignoring other issues males might face such as hormonal imbalances, body image issues, and sexual function.

Our team is focused on:

  • Hosting four virtual meetings on SRH topics in which males with CF share experiences and concerns in a supportive environment
  • Developing and sharing educational content written by male CF ambassador(s)
  • Creation of a patient/partner driven SRH screening checklist for clinical use by patients and providers

We are hosting virtual meetings on male SRH topics, where attendees can interact with leading researchers and build community by sharing their stories in a supportive format.


  • Infertility occurs in about 95-98% of males with CF.
  • Low testosterone levels affect up to 88% of men with CF compared with up to 12% of their healthy peers.
  • 65% of males report sexual dysfunction, primarily due to lack of ejaculate.
  • CF can potentially affect the development or function of the prostate.
  • More than 80% of men with CF express desire to have children.
  • Sperm retrieval rates can be as high as 100%.



Upcoming Events

April 19, 2024

Let’s Talk: Body Image

Virtual Event: 6:30 – 8pm ET

Kate Yablonsky, LCSW, a social worker from Stanford Health Center, and Brian Callanan, MEd, will moderate an open discussion on Body Image. Join us to talk about the issues that are important to you.

The meeting is open for males with CF aged 18 and over. Please register in advance to receive a Zoom link for the meeting.


APRIL 19, 2024

Let’s Talk Body Image

Virtual Event: 6:30-8:00pm ET

This meeting is an open discussion for males with CF to discuss body image in a supportive format. Kate Yablonksy, LCSW from Stanford, will moderate the discussion. The meeting is open for males with CF aged 18 and over.


Supported in part by an Impact Grant from the CF Foundation.

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