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Due to limited funding availability each month, we may not be able to approve all BreatheStrong grant requests. ​

  • Applications are considered for children and adults with CF living in the United States.
  • New applicant requests will not be considered until we have received the applicant’s medical provider form. The form is available HERE. Applicants may upload the clinician-completed form in the application or have have their CF team email it to
  • BreatheStrong Grants can not exceed $750 in one calendar year.
  • Funding for approved grants will be paid directly to the designated activity provider or billing organization. Awards will not be paid directly to the grant recipient. Please be prepared to include a bill or invoice for services and/or additional supporting documentation required to render payment to the provider.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who request ongoing activities as opposed to single events.
  • M4CF will only consider complete applications. If required information is missing, a letter of denial will be issued. If an applicant is denied, the individual may reapply for the same or different activity as soon as desired, with a new and/or updated grant request.
  • Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis.
  • Grant recipients may apply once each calendar year. Only one grant will be awarded per recipient per calendar year. If you received a Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation grant in 2023, you can apply for a BreatheStrong grant in 2024.

Grant Requirements
The following requirements must be met prior to the applicant submitting a returning application.

  • Register and participate in BreatheStrong+ virtual program (required for applicants ages 10+).
  • Provide feedback as requested.
  • Provide a note of appreciation or email to M4CF upon notification of grant approval. Please send to P.O. Box 2984, Tucker, GA, 30085 or email
  • Provide a photo and/or video of the recipient participating in the activity they specified within the application. Photos and quotes are necessary for M4CF to share information with prospective donors and sponsors whose funds make the program possible.


Qualifying Activities & Expenses

  • BreatheStrong grants are intended to support the ongoing physical activities of recipients. We encourage any recurring exercise or physical activity membership (gym memberships, sports teams, activity lessons, school sports clubs, etc). We highly recommend utilizing free trials prior to application to ensure the applicant enjoys the activity and feels safe and comfortable in the environment.
  • Equipment that provides physical exercise may qualify. This includes trampolines, trikes, bikes, small pools, weights, etc.
  • Safety and support equipment directly related to the applicant’s physical activity is considered, including helmets, required uniforms and footwear, etc.
  • We can not reimburse recipients for expenses already paid.
  • Accessories such as water bottles, general apparel and decoration are not considered.
  • Pharmaceuticals, nutrition supplements, vitamins, gels and other over-the-counter items do not qualify.
  • Every request is considered individually and uniquely.


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