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2023 has been an amazing year of growth, challenge, & accomplishments.

Miles for CF merged with the CF Lifestyle Foundation, setting off a dramatic increase in combined impact on the national CF Community.

Our new name & look will debut in early 2024!

At the same time, we:

  • Met the 50% increase in demand for exercise grants
  • Launched BreatheStrong+ 
  • Reinstated Beam CF’s online exercise & wellness classes at no charge for people 18+ with CF
  • Fulfilled the heartbreaking increase in requests for groceries, gas, & other critical needs from CF families in Georgia
  • Provided Afflovests for mobile respiratory therapy to 2 recipients with CF
  • Completed Phase I of Men’s Sexual and Reproductive Health project
  • Provided 24 “What’s Your Gap” grants in collaboration with Closing the Gap Foundation

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BreatheStrong Exercise Grants

BreatheStrong Exercise Grants help individuals living with cystic fibrosis commit to a lifetime of regular physical activity. The program provides grants for exercise equipment, organized fitness activities, & facility memberships. In 2023, we experienced a 50% increase in grant applications over 2022.

The top five requests for BreatheStrong grants in 2023 were gym memberships, home fitness equipment, dance, swim & martial arts.


395 The number of exercise/activity grants fulfilled by our organizations in 2023, a 50% increase in demand over 2022.
$227,158.31 The value of exercise grants paid in 2023.

Susan C. Burroughs Critical Needs Initiative

The Susan C. Burrough Critical Needs Initiative provides financial assistance for CF families in Georgia referred by their CF social worker. We experienced a 217% increase in requests for support in 2023.

152 The number of requests in Georgia for grocery and/or fuel support through the Susan C. Burroughs Critical Needs Initiative.
$35,810.5 The value of grocery and fuel support provided to families in the Susan C. Burroughs Critical Needs Initiative.


Miles for CF introduced BreatheStrong+ in 2023. BreatheStrong+ is a year-round, virtual wellness program focused on fitness & nutrition as well as the impact wellness has on mental health. BreatheStrong+ provides education, community & incentives for making healthy habits. Our partnerships include AffloVest for a quarterly giveaway & Beam CF for free access to hundreds of on-demand fitness & well-being classes!

255 Number of BreatheStrong+ participants
41,587 Number of miles moved by BreatheStrong+ participants since May, 2023.

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