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What is Team STROLO

Team STROLO is a group of athletes regularly competing in events together and separately in professional and community races such as Iron Man, Tough Mudder, marathons, community 5k or 10k races, etc.

This group of athletes with CF will be representing the CFLF in any competitive events to raise awareness about cystic fibrosis and the CFLF.

What to Expect

A member of this team is not only an athlete (with or without CF), but is also an ambassador of the CFLF mission to the CF community and the general public. This ambassadorship is as focussed on fundraising through event competition as it is on building public awareness of the disease and the organization.

The CFLF strives to achieve excellence in every Team STROLO athlete to reinforce our motto of living STROnger LOnger (STROLO). The team’s goal is to show what is possible for people in living beyond the perceived boundaries of CF with hard work and dedication. This messaging began with the CFLF collaborative production in 2012 of the HD video documentary “Living Xtreme: Beyond Cystic Fibrosis” which can be streamed for free.

Expectations of Team STROLO Ambassador athletes include:

  • A minimum of one year commitment that will include a minimum schedule of five competitive events per year with a total fundraising goal of $10,000 per year.
  • Utilizing a CFLF provided fundraising page for peer-to-peer fundraising and sponsorship solicitation (individual or team)
  • Race equipment provided with initial $2000 contribution of funds raised including tri-bibs, cycling kits, running apparel and head/wrist bands (for wearing and give away) which must be worn during events.
  • Everyday apparel including t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, beanies and caps to be worn regularly.
  • Race entry fees and basic travel (accommodation, meal budgets, mileage, etc.) to be included with Team STROLO sponsorship
  • Occasional team virtual meetings, and or team group participation when possible.
  • Ongoing recruitment of other athletes.
  • Major event entries will likely require individual registrations (to be reimbursed), but CFLF will also request charitable entries when available.
  • Once a critical mass of athletes have joined Team STROLO (minimum of 10) the CFLF will engage as an official charitable sponsor of IronMan competitions with access to entries at specific races.


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