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STROLO Programs

The CFLF has been established with a focus and mission of helping the CF community live their fullest lives with cystic fibrosis toward living STROnger LOnger, which combines to form STROLO. The tenacity, courage and strength required in life with CF is based in the desire to achieve and accomplish goals with cystic fibrosis as a driving force instead of a limitation. By leading STROLO lives, the community can establish empowerment and self confidence that can shift one’s life perspective completely.

The STROLO programs created by the CFLF goes beyond the element of exercise as a means of establishing a healthy and active lifestyle to address some of the other ways in which people with CF can indeed live STROnger LOnger, personally, professionally, socially, emotionally and psychologically.

About the Programs

  • STROLO University is a series of online courses, exercises and activities to provide the opportunity to build community, participate and learn through various topics about the importance of healthy activities, lifestyle options and disease comprehension.
  • STROLO Ambassadors Program is a multi-state network of selected STROLO Ambassadors to establish platforms for individuals to be taught how to establish their voices as advocates of their abilities to face and overcome the challenge of CF through physical, professional and personal experiences. Ambassadors not only inspire others in their community with their stories of surviving and thriving with CF, but also contribute to the CFLF’s building brand awareness, financial opportunities and public awareness.
  • Team STROLO is an international group of athletes with or without CF who regularly participate (more than five per year) in competitive events such as Iron Man, Tough Mudder, Marathons, community 5k/10k races, etc., and are sponsored by the CFLF with race apparel, entrance fees and travel expenses in commitment to minimum annual fundraising goals for the CFLF.
  • STROLO Star is a video interview series highlighting exceptional members of the CF community, especially CFLF Recreation Grant recipients that have achieved notable accomplishments with their grant.

How to Get Involved

You can get involved with any of these programs by contacting us by email or by phone.

Phone: 833-GO2-CFLF (833-462-2353)

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