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The Power of Spreading Awareness

Raising awareness for cystic fibrosis is a very powerful tool for advocacy of the CF community. The CFLF helps to educate people about topics and issues that effect people living with CF. Spreading awareness of both the disease and the CFLF encourages and invites the general public to support change in part through donating to this cause.


How to Spread Awareness

You can now spread awareness for the CFLF and cystic fibrosis through these following methods:

  • Post on your social media pages
  • Engage/repost our content that we post on our pages
  • Get your community involved in any fundraising events or public speaking engagements
  • Register and attend events, or sponsor participants fundraising efforts
  • Purchase items from our online CFLF store
  • Show off our apparel as an opportunity to engage about the CFLF
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