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2022 Recreation Grant Cycle Is Now Open

We aim to help supplement traditional medical treatment of CF with ongoing exercise through our recreational grant program. Each grant is geared towards the formation of an active lifestyle that benefits both the physical and psychological elements of CF.

CFLF will pay directly for activities  (within six months following the deadline) to the billing activity company or organization. Funds, including reimbursement for past activities, will NOT be paid to the grant recipient.

Only one Recreation Grant can be awarded per recipient per calendar year.

Applicants not approved may resubmit for the next grant cycle if desired.

  • Due to limited available funding, the CFLF is not able to approve all Recreation Grant requests.
  • Recreation Grant requests may not exceed $500 (or $1,000 for a Peer Support Grant).
  • CFLF will only consider COMPLETE applications that provide answers ALL questions AND a photo. Applicants will be contacted and must provide any missing information within 14 days of the deadline.
  • Applicants may only submit one type of application at a time.

My son is so excited to play football this coming school
year. It’s been his dream and this is the first year he’s
been cleared by all doctors to play. He just now needs
to get practice before high school starts so he will safely know what he’s doing. Thank y’all for helping him bring
his dream to life.

– Parent of Grant Recipient


  • Swimming lessons
  • Horseback riding lessons/leasing
  • Rock climbing lessons
  • Surfing lessons
  • Yoga classes
  • Dance classes
  • Martial arts classes
  • Water aerobics classes
  • Fitness classes
  • Gym membership
  • Ski/snowboard pass
  • Summer camp
  • Sports camp
  • Triathlon training camp
  • Marathon fees
  • Golf fees
  • Sports team/league fees

Meet Our Past Grant Recipients

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