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Public Ambassadors

Public Ambassadors will be individuals such as parents, siblings, or friends of those with CF who openly demonstrate their STROLO (living STROnger, living LOnger) lifestyle and have established visibility.
Ambassadors must be age 12 or older (parental permission required for anyone under the age of 18) with the ability to have so we expect Ambassadors to demonstrate STROLO lifestyle. Meaning, they will be sharing what they are doing to live stronger and to live longer. They will have set guidelines on what content they’re going to have on their social media platforms. Each Public Ambassador will have to be comfortable sharing their story of their relation to CF and why they’re doing this on social media as well as public speaking. Spreading awareness for cystic fibrosis and CFLF will be a priority.


Public Ambassadors are expected to create public speaking events such at their local CF center education day or at their local Rotary Club, Lion’s Club, Women’s Club, etc.

Build relationships with local businesses to hold fundraising events and to promote visibility of CF and the CFLF.

Share content on their social media platforms by posting pictures of themselves or the individual they know with CF embodying STROLO. Share pictures or videos from any fundraising event or public speaking engagement. Help share posts from the CFLF and help bring more followers to our social media pages.

Public Ambassadors are also expected to get the community involved by inviting friends, family and health care providers to support fundraising events and awareness campaigns.


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