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Patient Ambassadors

Patient Ambassadors are people with cystic fibrosis who embody our tagline, STROLO by living STROnger LOnger. The importance of showing others how to live a STROLO lifestyle is essential to our mission. This program helps to shine the spotlight on the many individuals who demonstrate the importance of this lifestyle in surviving and thriving with deadly challenges everyday. Our vision is to have tenacious individuals living with cystic fibrosis, broadcasting this mission and inspiring the community.


  • Ambassadors will be individuals with CF who openly demonstrate their STROLO lifestyle and have established visibility. Individuals who have received CFLF Recreation Grant funding will also be given priority.
  • Ambassadors must be age 12 or older (parental permission required for anyone under the age of 18) with the ability to have so we expect Ambassadors to demonstrate STROLO lifestyle. Meaning, they will be sharing what they are doing to live stronger and to live longer. They will have set guidelines on what content they’re going to have on their social media platforms. Each Ambassador will have to be comfortable sharing their story on social media as well as public speaking. Spreading awareness for cystic fibrosis and CFLF will be a priority
  • Through successful completion of the required 12 monthly trainings, Ambassadors will be able to implement the skills and strategies taught to them throughout the year. (i.e. public speaking, pursuit of opportunities, development of clear/concise personal story, engaging audiences through social media, etc.)
  • With assessing personal levels of achievement, completing approved tasks and outreach, Ambassadors will be able to earn up to $1,000 for the year for the activities they have completed. While this is also an incentive, it will also serve as a mechanism of evaluating Ambassador performance.

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