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Community Corporate Support

The CFLF would like to recognize the important support of community corporate partners who have played a substantial role in the sustainability and growth of the organization throughout the past two decades.

Such partnerships have not only contributed financially to the CFLF programs and operations, but have also played a crucial role in spreading awareness of the mission and resources provided to the cystic fibrosis community. Corporate partnerships are an essential element of organizational credibility established through a reliable track record demonstrating powerful community impact.

CFLF partners commit with pride to not only support the organization with opportunities that provide ROI, but also to utilize their support as ways of demonstrating their expanded reach in the community. Co-branded campaigns and materials have led to valuable growth for both sponsors and the CFLF through targeted clinical and community-wide marketing tools. See an example here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many different ways the CFLF works with community partners in building productive and meaningful relationships that provide mutual benefit to both the partner and the CFLF. Sponsorships have ranged from event support to promotional partners and both restricted and unrestricted charitable grant funding.

Current opportunities the CFLF offers (but is not limited to) include:

  • CF Recreation Grants (by activity type, region, age group or program)
  • Event Sponsorships (individual event or blanket opportunities available)
  • STROLO University (by semester, year or course)
  • STROLO Ambassadors (by program, promotional item, or team)
  • CFLF Blog (individual article, theme or blanket available)
  • CFLF Website (annual packages)
  • Other restricted opportunities for specified purposes or programs
  • Unrestricted support for operational and development expense
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