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Junior STROLO Ambassadors

Why does the CFLF have ambassadors?
Being an ambassador is essential for spreading awareness for the CFLF and cystic fibrosis because when other people understand the importance of why then they are more likely to donate to the cause. With more donations coming in the more people with CF we can help make a difference in their lives to live a healthy and active lifestyles.

Junior STROLO Ambassadors are an opportunity for young people living with CF to learn to be proud of the challenges that are faced and overcome in surviving and thriving with this life challenge. As an Ambassador, you can not only learn to be empowered in life with CF, but also find the very important value of your voice as an advocate and inspiration to others that admire your courage and strength.

Why you?
If you are a young person with CF (under the age of 18) who knows the importance of having a healthy and active lifestyle in striving to live STROnger LOnger, or STROLO, then you are perfect candidate. If you have also received a CFLF Recreation Grant in the past, you are an even stronger candidate.

What does it mean to be a Junior STROLO Ambassador?
Ambassadors can be any age 2 years old or older (parental permission required) with the ability to clearly talk about what living with cystic fibrosis is like, the importance of exercise in managing health, and the major physical accomplishments you have achieved in your life so far.

Ambassadors must demonstrate a STROLO lifestyle. Meaning, you (or your parent) will be utilizing social media, email and other in-person or online channels to share what they are doing to live STROnger and LOnger. This can be physically, socially, emotionally or psychologically. The Junior STROLO Ambassador program will provide guidelines on developing content for social media platforms, at times just being a matter of reposting provided content. Each STROLO Ambassador (and/or parent) will have to be comfortable sharing their story on social media as well as public speaking.

The goal of this program is not only in helping to build the voices and experiences of young people living with CF, but to also spread awareness about cystic fibrosis, the CFLF, and ideally contribute to new donors, networks and/or sponsors in your local community.


Junior STROLO Ambassadors that require a parent to be in control of their social media, we expect them to choose from a list of provided opportunities and activities that a Junior STROLO Ambassador (and/or parent) can utilize toward earning incentives. It is essential that a parent capture pictures and/or videos of their Junior STROLO Ambassador to share and promote on CFLF and personal social media platforms. These posts would consist of the Ambassador doing any type of physical activity, having fun and living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Public speaking opportunities would incorporate the Ambassador’s parent on behalf of, or in addition to the Ambassador, who would also be present during the speaking event.

Fundraising efforts (likely to be organized by a parent or other supporting adult) such as a walk, hike, golf event, bowling party, backyard BBQ, public event, etc. would be supported and promoted by the CFLF as needed with promotional and educational materials provided.

Junior STROLO Ambassadors (and parents) would also receive STROLO Ambassador apparel including shirts, hats, etc to wear during any activities, along with apparel and items for give aways/prizes to help promote the CFLF brand.

Annual fundraising goal for Junior Ambassadors is $1,000.

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