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Ways to get involved

There are several ways for you to get involved with the CFLF in sharing your time and talents. Consider volunteering at events, becoming a STROLO Ambassador, joining the “Team STROLO” ambassadors with fundraising through established competitions (i.e, community 5k, marathons, IronMan, etc.), write for the community CFLF Blog or create a short video blog (vlog), join as an instructor for the STROLO University, or help link up the CFLF with public speaking opportunities. These are only a sample of opportunities to get involved, but your creativity of ideas are also welcomed!

How to get involved

  • Volunteer at an Event (link to Events page)
  • Become a STROLO Ambassador (link to Ambassador internal page)
  • Join “Team STROLO” (link to Team STROLO internal page)
  • Contribute to the CFLF Blog with an article or video (link to Blog submission form)
  • Help with STROLO University (link to CTA section of STROLO University page)
  • Suggest a Public Speaking Opportunity (link to either Public Awareness 0.3.3 or CF Awareness Month – wherever we have a submission form to request a CFLF Speaker)
  • Suggest Your Own Idea (link to email or other form of collecting their info)

Contact if you have any questions.

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