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Ways to Fundraise

Why fundraise? Because every $0.78 of every dollar we raise goes towards changing the lives of individuals and families faced with the financial challenges of CF by helping them afford to live healthy and active lifestyles. Our CF Recreation Grants help fund exercise-based activities that otherwise would have been inaccessible due to cost barriers amidst a typically high financial burden of the disease.

Possibilities for fundraising include:

  • Create a get-together with friends and family for a fundraising pool party, BBQ, bowling night, or anything of your interest.
  • Set up a Facebook birthday fundraiser.
  • Going to your local brewery and setting up trivia or bingo night.
  • Going to your local restaurant and part of the proceeds for the evening would go to the CFLF.
  • Ask to place a collection jar or box at the checkout counter of a business you frequently support.
  • Hold a 24-hour bounce-castle-a-thon for passers by to contribute support.
  • Any other creative means of sharing the mission of the CFLF with opportunity for others to offer their contribution of support.

The Importance of Fundraising


The CFLF relies heavily on grassroots efforts to support the mission of helping people with cystic fibrosis lead STROLO lives. Fundraising not only generates the dollars needed to provide CF Recreation Grants and other programs, but it also contributes to greater awareness, relationship building and broader networks of support. As a public 501(c)3, the IRS also requires that at least one third of annual income is from individual donors. With very strong support from grant providers, it requires that grassroots efforts also continue to grow each year. Big or small, your contribution translates to transformative experiences for people with CF leading active lifestyles.

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