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The Impact of CF Awareness Month

The Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month is an opportunity to educate coworkers, family, and friends about the battle against this rare disease that affects around 35,000 Americans, and over 70,000 people worldwide. During the month of May the CF community comes together to raise funds for future advancements to help find a cure.

Why CF public awareness is important

Cystic fibrosis is a very rare disease. The majority of people have never heard of the disease, let alone what it is. Building public awareness leads empowerment of the CF community, builds networks of opportunity, it affects public policies for the chronically ill, and ultimately leads to the financial, corporate, and political resources needed to find a cure.

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This annual month-long event is the most opportune time to raise public awareness about CF and what the CFLF does to help in the fight against this disease.

CFLF – CF Awareness Activity 1 Recognize the month of May as CF awareness month on your social media.
CFLF – CF Awareness Activity 2 Build a fundraising campaign on Facebook, Instagram or in person.
CFLF – CF Awareness Activity 3 Write a blog article or a vlog of what CF awareness means to you.

I attended clinic last week and did a dexascan and have achieved a partial reversal of my osteoporosis!!  I’m headed in the right direction and that is completely due to weight bearing exercises thanks to the grants from CFLF!

Dara P

Get Ready for CF Awareness Month – May 2023

Highlight what the campaign will be here.

You don’t have to wait till the month of May to start raising awareness! Start early by sharing a blog, engaging social media post, liking a YouTube video, and attending an event.

Don’t Wait to Start Spreading Awareness

Use your voice to help people living with Cystic Fibrosis live stronger and live longer until there is a cure by becoming active within the CF community. Become a Public Ambassador, or STROLO-university instructor, or a volunteer at the CFLF organization today!

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