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by Shawna Gray
Big Peach Sizzler 5K Race Director

6 Week Plan by Strong Run Coaching


A failure to plan is a plan to fail. Check out this easy to follow 6-week training guide to get ready for your in-person Big Peach Sizzler 5K or your To Go Sizzler.

Some points to keep in mind as you follow this plan.

  • Easy runs need to be easy! How do you know if you are running easy? Can you hold a conversation? Can you sing a song out loud? If you cannot do these things comfortably, you may need to slow down.
  • Moderate running should still provide you with the ability to speak while running, but in shorter sentences or statements.
  • Rest means rest.
  • Cross train can be any activity that is not running that gets you moving. Some activities are walking, swimming, biking, elliptical, etc.
  • Prehab is explained on the second page. These are various exercises that require no equipment and will help with your strength, flexibility, and stability that may just help prevent an injury, while improving your running!

Now, let’s get moving to get ready for Big Peach Sizzler 5K and To Go!


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