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Why Your Donation Matters

Recreation/exercise activities cost money. Your support will directly support the CFLF Recreation Grant program in helping individuals of all ages living with cystic fibrosis to overcome financial barriers to exercise related activities.

Reason 1 Helps people with CF live a healthy and active lifestyle that often are otherwise unaffordable.
Reason 2 Helps improve lung function by not only aiding airway clearance but also helping airway expansion through breathing hard.
Reason 3 Recreation grants help with mental health by not only providing fun, but also creating experiences of accomplishments and positive self-esteem.

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Give a brief statement about what this donation support means. 20 words max. Since 2007, with the generous support of donors like you, the CFLF has awarded more than 2,000 CF Recreation Grants to people with the genetic lung disease totaling nearly $1 million in direct financial assistance in 50 states!

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